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Colette Pienaar

Colette is the creator of The Ultimate Body Formula.

She has helped hundreds of women just like you, who want nothing but the best, who are successful in business and absolutely love life, take total control of their bodies and use their experience, drive, and determination, to ultimately be in the best shape of their lives. 

No wasted time in the gym, no starving yourself, no sacrificing progress in other areas of your life or in your business, no feeling deprived or confused about what to do any longer. 

Are you ready to get the support you need to become laser focused? 

Will you be her next success story?
Elena Napper
I have been going to the gym for nearly 20 years, tried diet after diet, hit the treadmill hard and blasted out the cardio sessions, I even did the London Marathon but with all of this, I never saw any changes in my body. 

Looking back I wasted precious time doing the same thing I had always been doing. 

Yes, I felt fitter but I wanted to LOOK fitter and stronger and I wanted to feel confident and trim. 

Diet after diet and 4 cardio sessions a week but no progress, until I met Colette – she completely turned my training around, educated me on what to eat and when and I now have a body to be proud of, I feel more confident, stronger. 

I’m the best I can be and I’m 48!”

Kate Back
I could not believe the transformation I was experiencing - 7kgs of body fat lost in 12 weeks - my husband couldn't believe it either. 

My friends didn't recognise me, they were totally blown away and so was I. After watching this happen to a couple of gym friends who had worked with Colette, I was a little skeptical but I needn't have been. 

I am confident in a bikini for the first time ever and strut my stuff on the beach whenever I get the chance - I feel like I have my life back. 
I can keep up with the demands of my professional life and with my boys. Now 18 months later, I am still easily maintaining the results I achieved. 


Libby Campetti
Working with Colette has helped me to find renewed energy and drive by putting myself on my priority list for the first time in a long time. 

I have successfully managed to get my fitness back after having my kids, and have found ways to balance my family and a demanding career with making time for myself. I am a positive, person, who is now super focused, happier and less stressed about things. 
I love working out in the gym and Colette has helped me find ways to get the most out of the limited time I have available. Taking control of this area of my life has helped me function better and move forward.  

Colette is THE ANSWER for busy women like me, committed to achieving nothing but the best in all areas of business and life.

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